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Nitrous Oxide Inhalation Sedation “Happy Gas”:

The American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry recognises Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen inhalation sedation as a safe and effective technique to reduce anxiety, discomfort and produce analgesia (pain relief).

Nitrous Oxide is a colourless and odourless gas. It is an effective analgesic agent causing Central Nervous System (CNS) depression and euphoria with a little effect on the respiratory system. It causes minimal impairment of any reflexes, thus helping the cough and gag reflex.

Nitrous oxide is absorbed rapidly through a nasal hood place on your nose, allowing for both rapid onset and recovery within minutes.

Nitrous oxide sedation is commonly used for children and adults. Children are enthusiastic about administration of nitrous oxide, many children report dreaming or being on a “space ride”.

Advantages of Nitrous Oxide sedation:

  • Safe.
  • Patient is conscious and responsive.
  • Fast recovery time, usually within minutes.
  • Reduce or eliminate anxiety.
  • Enhance patient cooperation.
  • Increase tolerance for longer appointments.
  • Reduce and mostly eliminate any gag reflex.
  • Aid in treatment of physically and mentally compromised patients.
  • Fasting is not required prior to dental treatment.

Contraindication of Nitrous Oxide sedation:

  • Inability to nose breath (mouth breathing)
  • Patients during the first trimester of pregnancy

Our highly qualified and trained dentists at Wentworthville Family Dental in Parramatta will assess your suitability for Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen sedation during your initial dental examination visit.

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